Calligraphy and Brusho


I’ve just been away for a few days at the lovely Knuston Hall in Northamptonshire to do some calligraphy. I decided to take my Brusho crystals with me to try out. I had a short poem about the sea which I wanted to write out and had the idea of using Brusho at the bottom to resemble the sea. ???????????????????????????????Well, I had a go and was quite pleased with the result – I used cold press watercolour paper which I stretched before adding the Brusho ‘sea’ at the bottom. The poem was written out using gouache paints.

I made a few other trials using the Brushos including writing over Brusho backgrounds using gouache. I was pleased to find that I could get crisp letters on the backgrounds. I used cling film on the ‘carpe diem’ background.


I also tried using rock salt on a Brusho background – this time I wrote the word ‘flowers’ onto the watercolour paper using art masking fluid before adding the Brusho colours and then sprinkling the salt over. Once completely dry I removed the masking fluid to reveal the letters. ???????????????????????????????


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